Tales of Auriga

01. Caradoc

The adventures begin

Jih’zdar explains what he knows of the letter: a mysterious benefactor has recruited him, as well as Aldo Farriq, Lorwyn Feldorne, and Imara Valanti to explore the ancient Endless ruin of Caradoc.

Long abandoned, Caradoc should hold a Dust Nexus; an Endless device that can power other Endless devices. You are to use a Vault Key to enter the ruins and retrieve the Nexus.

The adventurers agree, and set off for Caradoc.

On the way, they are met by Nyreese. A Wild Walker hunter, Nyreese leads them through the forest, and helps them fight off an Erycis ambush.

They eventually arrive at Caradoc, and after a few quick rounds of Dragon Chess, rest outside the great walls of the ruin.

In the morning the party entered through Caradoc’s main gate, using the Gate Key to open the portcullis.

Inside the find the ruins of Caradoc: small, scattered metal houses in a state of disarray and ruin litter the interior. Near the entrance, they find an archaeologists camp. The camp has a number of corpses inside, presumably the archeologists themselves by their trappings.

The camp also contains three Memory Cubes, which contain audio recordings from the archeologists. They mention a woman called Morah, who has apparently left them to die, as well as a Haunt who watches over them.

They then approach the main keep, hoping the Dust Nexus will be there. They find a group of Orc looters, but Aldo convinces them to allow them to pass. The Orcs agree, on the condition that the group exterminates a Haunt that is living inside the keep.

They find the Haunt inside, who identifies as Watcher 01. Watcher agrees that should the adventurers instead turn on the Orcs, he will allow them access. The adventurers agree, and slay the Orcs in combat.

With the Orcs defeated, a vaulter by the name of Morah Ensolad reveals herself. She reveals to the party that the Orcs have been hunting and killing her archaeology group, and that she is the last survivor. She seems to have befriended Watcher, and helps the party convince Watcher to let them pass into Caradoc’s interior.

Watcher warns them that if they try to take the Dust Nexus, he will slay them.

As they venture into the Vault itself, Morah convinces the group to let her join them. When Lorwyn reveals the masked coin to Morah, she panics, telling them to destroy the coins. Lorwyn consumes his using his Broken Lord abilities.

Morah explains that the coins are in fact marks for death from the Cult of Eternal End, a mysterious faction that hunts and destroys Endless technology, as well as any who use or protect it.

The group chooses not to take the Dust Nexus, but loots a few items from the room, at the advice of Morah. They return to Watcher, who tells them that they are now Guardians of Caradoc, and must help rebuild the ruined city. The group agrees, and as they leave the keep they find a grim omen.

Jih’zdar hangs from a wooden stake, with a note on his chest: “We will find you.”. It is signed with the masked symbol from the death marked coins.

Lorwyn buries Jih’zdar, and the group begins to plan how they will begin Caradoc’s reconstruction.



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