Tales of Auriga

02. Rebuilding the City

It takes a village...

Dragged by the scruff of his jacket by Aj’Vrakhazar, Rell Kettar finds himself locked away after attempting to sneak into Caradoc.

After much discussion with Watcher, Vrak, and the rest of the party, Rell is allowed to join the party on a probationary basis as Junior Sub-Assistant to the Archeologist Morah Ensload.

At Morah’s suggestion, the group head to Nyrinis in order to attain craftsmen to help rebuild Caradoc, She gives them two names: Biz’gald the Delver, and Forging Hurnak the Orc.

The group sets off toward Nyrinis, and are set upon by Vinesnakes when they discover a destroyed cart. They manage to fight off the Erycis’, but Rell and Physician are badly injured in the battle.

The arrive at Nyrinis and recover in an Inn before being summoned by the Ruling Family, who negotiates an agreement with them to continue resurrecting Caradoc. The Guardians will pay a tax to Nyrinis, and set up a Valdari Trading Post near the city itself. The Family also sends a Marshal to watch over Caradoc in their stead. Lastly, the Guardians must give itemised lists to the Ruling Family regarding Endless Artefacts recovered from the Vault.

Afterward, they meet with Murad En Musheer, a Valdari Trading Company Merchant who has a long standing relationship with Aldo Farriq. Murad directs the group to Biz’gald, a Delver who runs the Crafting Guild of Nyrinis.

At the Crafting Guild headquarters it takes little persuasion to convince Biz’gald and his crew to help rebuild Caradoc, as the task is both prestigious and profitable. The builders agree to make their way to Caradoc at once.

Biz’gald also requests that the group attain the services of an Orc Blacksmith by the name of Forging Urnak. Urnak had spent time in Nyrinis recently, and although his work was exceptional, his inability to live amongst society drove him back to his home in the Yonkathu Peaks, to the north.

The Guardians attain travelling gear for themselves and a pair of stout travelling horses, and set off toward Yonkathu travelling up the Indigo Road.

Two days into their journey, they stop at an Inn called The Bronze Kettle. In the night, the Inn is attacked by three Broken Lord Knights. The group defeats the knights, and the last reveals that they were sent my Lorwyn’s father, Baron Kelador. On the bodies of one knight they find a letter proving their claims true.

Darion Gendry, the Innkeeper and owner of the Bronze Kettle agrees to start a new Inn at Caradoc, after a generous offer from the Guardians. He sets off immidiately.

They continue their rest in the barn, and prepare for the rest of the trip to Yonkathu.



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