Tag: Nyrinis


  • 02. Rebuilding the City

    Dragged by the scruff of his jacket by [[:aj-vrakhazar | Aj'Vrakhazar]], [[:rell-kettar | Rell Kettar]] finds himself locked away after attempting to sneak into [[Caradoc | Caradoc]]. After much discussion with [[:watcher-01 | Watcher]], Vrak, and the …

  • Under the Vault

    Under the Vault is a run-down Inn, located in the Gate District of [[Nyrinis | Nyrinis]]. It is the location where you met [[:jih-zdar-en-moroq | Jih'zdar En Moroq]], after following directions from a mysterious letter.

  • The Ruling Family of Nyrinis

    The ruling family of [[Nyrinis | Nyrinis]] consists of 13 members, the identities of which remain mostly secret. At any given time, 3 members must be present in the council chamber, as majority is needed to pass law. The family is very strict with it's …

  • Marshal Leon

    Granted rank by [[:lord-mors | Lord Mors]] himself, Marshal Leon is often referred to as 'The Hound of [[The Mezari | Mezari]]' due to his exceptional record for successful bounties and warrants. Many suspect that Leon was given rank by Lord Mors as a …