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  • Roving Clans

    [[File:385502 | class=media-item-align-center | The_Roving_Clans.jpg]] _*“Neram was sent to make a simple trade; our small amount of Dust for an equally small amount of food. When he returned, he had no Dust, no food, and had even lost his boots. What …

  • Valdari Basin Trading Company

    The Valdari Basin Trading Company is a group of [[Roving Clans | Roving Clansmen]] merchants. They are - surprisingly - based in Valdari Basin, but have small outposts in many reaches of the world, including [[Nyrinis | Nyrinis]].

  • Jih’zdar En Moroq

    You first met Jih'zdar at _[[Under the Vault | Under the Vault]]_ in [[Nyrinis | Nyrinis]]. Jih'zdar is found murdered in Caradoc shortly after the group exits the ruin, with a note from the Cult of Eternal End.

  • Murad En Musheer

    Currently presiding in the [[Nyrinis | Nyrinis]] Trading Post, Murad is a Trademaster of the [[Valdari Basin Trading Company | Valdari Basin Trading Company]], and close friend of [[:aldo-farriq | Aldo Farriq]].