The Delvers are an enigmatic group of miners that come from the core of Auriga itself.

The Delvers’ emerged from their undergroud tunnels after the cataclysm. They know nothing of their history, and only their somewhat humanoid shape gives them any signs of having a relationship to the other races of Auriga.

Having spent decades digging and mining through the depths of Auriga, Delvers have evolved a short, stout frame. They have massively overdeveloped shoulders and arms, and make exceedingly effective laborers and soldiers.

The Delvers have also developed a strong work ethic, and are well renowned to be reliable and efficient men and women for hire.

During their exile underground, Delvers develped a strong sense of family. Their lineage became their only heritage, and the achievements – and sins – of your forefathers was how a Delver defined himself.

The Delvers now wear the skulls of their ancestors as haunting masks, often painting their masks and themselves with haunting glyphs and sigils. They also carve their skull masks with horns, fangs, and other ornaments.

Whilst this practive was once done to scare the native beasts of Auriga’s underground, they now wear these masks in remembrance of their heritage.


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