Ancient remnants of the Endless’ robotic servants, Haunts are humanoid constructs of metal and wire. Vaguely humanoid in appearance, Haunts constrain to specific physical standards. They are always the same height and weight.

Differentiating Haunts is virtually impossible unless the units are wearing unique clothing or trappings, or have outstanding marks of wear, damage, or decoration. However, Haunts are quite rare on Auriga, and it’s rare to see two in any one place.

Haunts are kept alive by a Dust Reactor, a small generator that uses extremely small amounts of dust to keep the Haunt active.

Haunts do not perish when their Dust runs out, however. Instead, they simply go into a sleep mode, and can be reactivated when Dust is reintroduced into the system.

Because of this unique power system, Haunts are extremely hard to destroy. Physically destroying their reactor is the only way to ensure their demise.

This also makes them hard to repair, but Vaulter and Mezari have been known to have mechanics with the skills required to reanimate or repair damaged Haunts.

Haunts were reactivated by the cataclysm, and remember very little from before. They know they are a creation of the Endless, and little else.


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