History of Auriga

The Drakken Civilization

As long as any can remember, the Drakken have existed on Auriga. They are the sovereign inhabitants of the planet, and it is their history that defines the story of Auriga.

In its infant stages, the Drakken civilization lived to expand their empire and their knowledge. They built great cities, and expanded across Auriga. They embraces the natural fauna and flora of Auriga, and gave great reverence to their homeland.

The Drakken experienced great prosperity, until the discovery of a dark, evil power. Rumors were rife of chitinous, scuttling creatures with black carapaces across the land. At first, it was small incidents; missing livestock or corpses of wildlife found dessicated.

Soon, however, whole villages would disappear overnight. Expeditions sent into unknown lands would never return.

It was soon that the Necrophages grew bolder, assaulting the great citadels and keeps of Drakken power. Their great hives swept the land, destroying and absorbing life where it could be found. The corpses of their victims would lie dormant only a short time, but soon dark creatures would emerge from the dessicated bodies, forming new soldiers for the Necrophage menace.

The Drakken fought bravely, but it was clear the relentless onslaught of these seemingly mindless, undead aggressors would soon consume their great nation. Reduced to defending their last great city, they battled on from the ramparts of the last Drakken bastion.

Arrival of the Endless

The Drakken were on the brink of annihilation. Their great cities lay burning, their armies destroyed. It was in the Drakken’s darkest hour that the Endless arrived.

At first, all anyone heard was a great rumbling in the ground. Soon after, great flaming shapes appeared in the sky, breaking open the clouds. Enormous metal craft descended on the land, and beams of blinding light emerged, rending the land in kilometer-wide swathes.

The Necrophages were broken. Their armies were rent by the incredible weapons that came from these enormous sky craft. They fled from Drakken lands in great haste, fear abolishing their mindless bloodlust. Slowly, the Drakken emerged from their desecrated city. As the massive metal craft landed upon Auriga’s surface, curious aliens – their bodies built from metal and stone – exited their great ships. The Endless had arrived.

The Endless revealed to the Drakken that their home planet of Auriga contained the raw elements necessary to produce Dust, a substance that the Endless used to control and construct their incredible technology.

In exchange for the Drakken swearing fealty, and allowing the Endless to create great research facilities on Auriga, the Endless agreed to restore Auriga’s environment, and to eliminate the Necrophages from Auriga.

This pact with the Endless created a second Golden Age for the Drakken. Their great cities were restored, their infrastructure rebuilt and improved. For centuries, the Drakken would be the faithful servants and allies of the Endless researchers on Auriga. This pact held and both races benefited, until the downfall of the Endless Empire.

The Endless Civil War

Auriga’s second Golden Age was broken in an instant. The Endless, for no reason apparent to the Drakken, began fighting amongst themselves, and war spread across Auriga’s surface once more.

The Endless weapons decimated the planet. Huge explosions would wipe out continents, and the very atmosphere itself began to unravel. The planets weather become unpredictable and deadly.

The Drakken could only hide behind their walls and hope for survival. They had no weapons against the Endless, no way save their civilization.

As the surviving Endless left for the stars, to continue their war away from Auriga, a small faction remained on the planet. These few had not forgotten the vows the Drakken had made to them.

The Endless warned that the planet would now go through a great cataclysm. Auriga would survive, but would never be the same. They assisted the Drakken in constructing safe havens and underground structures to protect themselves during this event.

The Endless gave the Drakken a grave task: to be the protectors of Auriga once the Cataclysm had subsided. They warned of great changes coming for Auriga; and soon.

The last of the Drakken hid in their vaults, waiting for the planet to complete it’s reformation.

Rebirth of Auriga

Almost a decade later, Auriga began to settle. The great earthquakes subsided, the land itself stopped shifting, and the Drakken were able to emerge from their safety bunkers.

Other than a few scattered ruins, all signs of the Drakken empire – and the Endless – were gone. For the second time in their short history, the Drakken began to rebuild.

Of all the changes in the land, none was so drastic as the now ever-present Dust. The Endless’ great resource now seemed to emerge from the ground in great seems rent into the land. Knowing of it’s power and value, the Drakken adopted Dust as their currency, and revered the mysterious element as the last vestige of their Endless benefactors.

It was during this time of rebuilding, almost a century after the cataclysm, that the other races on Auriga revealed themselves. Perhaps it was the shifting lands, or some last trickery of the Endless, but Auriga was now host to new, younger races. None of them remembered a time before the cataclysm, and knew nothing of the Endless.

The Drakken first met the Wild Walkers. Tall, lithe creatures with an affinity for nature. Early diplomacy was a success, as both civilization felt the need to protect their now rebuilt planet.
The Broken Lords and Ardent Mages came soon after, though relations with these Dust-infused creatures was less successful.

One thing common to these three races was their reliance on Dust; they all craved it, and used the element to enhance their societies. This was somewhat of an offront to the Drakken, who felt meddling with the resource is perhaps what caused the Cataclysm in the first place. However, above all else the Drakken wished for peace on Auriga, and they opened trade and diplomacy with these newcomers, hoping to build an alliance that would make Auriga stronger.

As time went by, more races would emerge; the Roving Clans, nomadic merchants who roamed the land in pursuit of wealth. The Delvers, a curious race of diggers and miners. The Silics, a spider like species with a predilection for xenophobia.

Even more curious are the Vaulters, a race of humans only now emerging from great labyrinthine Vaults beneath the surface.

It quickly became clear that the Drakken’s vision for a unified Auriga would become much more difficult.

Arrival of the Mezari

Only recently, a great spacecraft has crashed into Auriga’s surface. At first thought to be the return of the Endless, instead the craft revealed a group of colonists who go by the name ‘Mezari’.

These Mezari have established a small foothold around their crashed craft, and have come with the purpose to colonize Auriga. The unique atmospheric conditions of Auriga leave the Mezari survivors stranded, unable to contact their homeworld or send for help.

Knowing that they will be presumed dead by their people, they have resolved to start a new life on Auriga as planned, and are slowly gaining a foothold.

What is most mysterious about the Mezari, however, is their remarkable resemblance to the Vaulters. They inexplicably speak the same language, and share many cultural traits. While the Vaulters are clearly mistified by these similarities, the Mezari refuse to speak of it, and it is clear they are hiding knowledge of the Vaulters’ unknown past.

Auriga Today

The Drakken and the Wild Walkers still preach of preservation of the natural state of the planet, forsaking use of technology. However, where the Drakken wish for a unified Auriga, the Wild Walkers wish for independent authority over others. Both, however, insist that if Auriga is to be maintained, the irresponsible use of Dust must come to an end.

The Broken Lords and Ardent Mages are on the brink of war, both fighting desperately to maintain control of as much Dust as they can. With both societies requiring the resource for survival, cooperation seems unlikely between the two.

The Roving Clans simply continue their trade amongst the races, often making small fortunes by exploiting the constant tension between the other races.

Young, but brave, the Vaulters also try to establish a claim on Auriga, using their knowledge of the Vaults to travel quickly throughout the land.

Similarly, the Mezari have made a name for themselves across Auriga, instigating strict law in their territories and those of their neighbors. They are either welcomed as peace keepers, or shunned as overbearing tyrants.

Alongside these great civilizations, rumors have spread of insectoid-like creatures attacking remote villages. These rumors seem to have the Drakken in a panic, mobilizing great scout parties to these remote areas.

Rumors also come of a great white city in the deep south. This city is said to stand dormant, but it’s great walls make entry impossible.

Alonside all this, a smattering of minor factions vie for power on Auriga, swearing fealty to one civilization or another in the hopes that their service will lead to greater gains in the future.

Auriga is a land in constant flux and turmoil, but the Drakken insist that one thing is for sure: a storm is coming, and soon all in Auriga will be swept into it’s tempest.

History of Auriga

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