The Orcish hunters of Hurnas are known for their speed, accuracy, and sophisticated use of their giant longbows.

Nomadic tribesmen, the Hurnas travel the northern expanses of Auriga hunting large game through frozen mountains and artic wastelands.

They are expert trackers, rangers, and improvisationalists, often using the material of their surroundings as their tools.

Hurnas most commonly hunt alone or in small packs, but find large groups intimidating and unfamiliar. For this reason, it is unusual to see Hurnas in large dwellings.

They are more commonly seen in small outlying villages, selling the fruits of their latest hunt. Along with game, Hurnas are also expert foragers, and Hurnas hunters are often sought after to gather exotic flora from the remote areas of Auriga.

The Hurnas equip their unique ivory longbows; huge, heavy bows that are unusable by most archers. They arrows are equally enormous, and a shot from a Hurnas will easily pierce the heaviest hide or armour from great distances.

Their lethality and expertise in tracking and killing makes them incredibly efficient soldiers and assassins, however their apathy to Dust means it can be difficult to purchase their services.


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