The Indigo City

At the heart of Drakk – the eastern-most continent of Auriga – lies Nyrinis, an independent city that has thrived through both it’s Dye exports, and it’s reputation as a safe, neutral city to conduct trade and diplomacy.

The Palace District

At the heart of Nyrinis lies the Palace District, which consists of the capital palace itself, and the surrounding keep.

The palace itself is an ancient Broken Lord construction, although the architecture has long since been modified and enhanced by Nyrinis’ inhabitants.

The main feature of the Palace is housing the Ruling Family, 13 members of Nyrinis’ elite nobles who run the city itself.

The keep itself holds most of the officers of Nyrinis’ military, as well as a few lesser nobles who have gained favor.

The Trade District

Filled with noise, clutter, and guardsmen; the Trade District is the busiest, largest section of Nyrinis. The inner-most zones of the district contain the larger, more profitable stores, while the edges of the district are home to the more transient huts and carts of merchants passing through.

As the largest non-affiliated trading hub in Auriga, there is nowhere better for a merchant to bring their wares.

The trade district is also overflowing in guardsmen, as the safety of a merchant and his wares is paramount to keeping Nyrinis as a center of trade.

The Gate District

The outermost district of Nyrinis is built upon the remains of massive dye plantations, a remnant of Nyrinis’ more humble beginnings.

Containing mostly housing and inns, the Gate District is home to Nyrinis’ civilian population. As it is the outermost section of the city, it also houses the four massive gates used to enter and exit the city.

The customs office of Nyrinis’ is an army in itself, and the Dust and goods entering and exiting Nyrinis’ is very heavily tracked. It is renowned for being one of the most difficult cities in Auriga for smugglers and criminals due to the extensive security procedures in place.


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