Roving Clans


“Neram was sent to make a simple trade; our small amount of Dust for an equally small amount of food. When he returned, he had no Dust, no food, and had even lost his boots. What was most alarming, however, was that he seemed to be quite proud of the ‘trade’ he’d made.”

Playing roads and sea lanes with skill and courage, they are ever on the lookout for new resources, new products, new markets, and new customers. Wherever the Clans pass, markets spring up, commerce blossoms, and the strange and wondrous goods from the many strange and wondrous peoples of Auriga are traded. The Roving Clans are so entwined in the business dealings of Auriga, it’s said that a tiny piece of every transaction somehow makes it into their coffers.

Patient, clever, and wily, the Roving Clans bring sophistication — and manipulation — to the peoples of Auriga.

Despite their affinity for peace, few Roving Clansmen can deny the money to be made in mercenary work.

Roving Clansmen have a strong reputation as archers and spearmen, particularly as mounted cavalry. Their mounted bowmen, called the ‘Kassai’, are highly respected as the best hit-and-run cavalry on Auriga.

Due to their nomadic nature and love for trade, Clansmen rarely have any organized military, or need to fight for themselves. However, Clansmen will never accept a mercenary contract against other Clansmen, regardless of tribe.

The reputation of Roving Clansmen has led them to become the ubiquitous trade experts across all of Auriga, and you can be assured that any large trade will be brokered by a Clansman.
Clansmen also have a sterling reputation for never telling a lie – they always speak strictly in truth. While some believe that this makes them trustworthy merchants, many are wise enough to listen to what a Clansmen chooses not to say, rather than what he does.

Clansmen call the great deserts of Auriga their home, and the creatures of the desert are as ubiquitous to the Clansmen as trade itself.

Paramount amongst the Clansmen beasts is the Yirmak, an enormous, formidible pack animal used as both a beast of burden and a weapon of war.

Their relationship with their native animals extends to the rest of Auriga, and Clansmen are one of the few races to have a strong affinity with Wild Walkers, due to their shared respect for animal-kind.

Roving Clans

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