Sisters of Mercy


As self-proclaimed warriors of justice, the Sisters of Mercy are a faction of humans who have dedicaed themselves to maintaining order amongst Auriga.

Despite their ambitious goal of policing Auriga, their small numbers mean that the Sisters’ are more commonly found martialing the smaller factions, leaving the larger civilizations to their own law and order.

From inception into their order, the primary focus of every Sister is a single-minded focus on martial prowess, both unarmed and with a plethora of weaponry.

They train in the heaviest armours, and wield enormous swords, axes, and hammers. A fully trained Sister of Mercy will rival any warrior in Auriga, as their training is amongst the most rigorous and deadly on the planet.

Since their inception, the Sisters of Mercy have been a community built on the principles of arming the women of Auriga to defend and maintain their homeland. They have a strict policy of recruiting only women, and even then, only the most disciplined women succeed through the recruitment process.

Sisters’ are also trained in being doctors and field medics, and while their skills vary, they are able to quickly triage and heal most injuries.

Sisters’ are often seen on battlefields healing the wounded of both sides.

Sisters of Mercy

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