The Mezari


“Captain Lasmak, how are we to survive on this planet without our ship? Our technology?!”. Lasmak sighed. The same question, the same misgiving, the same doubt that her crew had lambasted her with for days. “We will survive, ensign, because we are Mezari. Our very name means ‘survivor’, and this planet intends to put that name to the test.”

Accustomed to a life in space, the Mezari must now adapt to terrestrial existence. Though they came here to settle, what happened above the planet caused a rude change in strategy. With no ship, no fuel, and no technology to create either, they have no choice but to make the best of it on this strange world.

The Mezari faction present on Auriga are actually the crew of a colony ship that impacted on Auriga mere decades ago. While some have adapted quickly to the new planet, overall the Mezari have found adapting to Auriga challenging.

Not expecting to find such a densely populated, conflicted planet, the small military contingent of Mezari is hardly enough to defend their new colonies.Outnumbered, out-gunned, and outmatched, the Mezari use the limited remains of their advanced technology and advanced knowledge as tools to fend off aggressors, or as tools to trade in diplomatic relations.

Mezari culture is a strictly regimented hierarchy, ruled by military families. As such, all of Mezari culture is strongly influenced by military procedure, and they remain a highly organized society.

This advanced sense of order has led to great military success for the Mezari on Auriga, and has also allowed them to construct massive cities and colonies extremely quickly. Despite their alien nature and elusive motives, most other factions on Auriga covet the Mezari discipline, and many factions have sought to hire Mezari as military or political leaders, hoping to absorb their exceptional organizational abilities.

Despite their small numbers and limited resources, the inborn sense of responsibility have led the Mezari to declare themselves the unofficial police of Auriga. They are known to send expeditions to root out bandits, quite rebellions, and generally keep the peace.

While some factions, such as the Wild Walkers and the Drakken, have embraced or tolerated the Mezari zealousness, others – such as the Ardent Mages – have barred the Mezari from entering their lands, declaring them as overbearing and self-righteous.Most inhabitants of Auriga, however, welcome Mezari marshals and sheriffs, knowing that their presence will often lead to reduced crime and safer trading routs.

While their population has grown in the decades since their arrival, Mezari still cling to their old ways. Members of the original crew that crashed on Auriga are treated as venerated heroes and legends amongst their people.While many embrace their roles as paragons of Mezari society, others have been known to abuse this worship for their own means.

The Mezari

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