“When we first emerged from the Vaults, the sheer beauty of Auriga overwhelmed all of us. I remember looking to the roof – or rather, the sky – for the first time. Never before had we seen such a vast, endless landscape. I knew then that my people would never be the same.”

This is a time of change for the Vaulters. For countless generations they lived as loosely- federated clans in the vast underground labyrinths that riddle Auriga. Their skills in minig and crafting made them comfortable, and their study of ancient artifacts slowly unlocked the secrets of their world’s past. Though their origins were lost in legends and myth, they had found peace and prosperity in the deep places of the planet.

Suddently, now, the Vaulters have been forced to abandon those ancient halls. The Great Quake broke walls and ruined roads and bridges; as their towns crumbled around them they fled to the surface. Some turn for answers to the priests in the Church of the Great Orrery, others look to their leader, Zolya Ilona, First of the Bloodline. For a people deeply bound by tradition and unused to change, the surface of Auriga is a frightening place.

Torn between the secrets of the planet, their own traditions, and their need to survive, the Vaulters may struggle. But they will not fade, or surrender.

The origins of the Vaulters is long forgotten. The advanced relics and knowledge they have carried from the Vaults indicates that the Vaults themselves are extremely technologically advanced, however the Vaulters remember nothing of how they came to the Vaults, and do not speak the mysterious languages found on Vault artifacts. Many Vaulters have pledged their lives to uncovering this illusive history.

Before their exodus from the Vaults, the Vaulter community consisted primarily of small clans and communities spread across the Vaults themselves, with very little cooperation or communication between each of these individual groups.

While they now identify as a unified civilization, most Vaulters still find it quite unusual or difficult to adapt to large populations, environments, and groups. Their instinct is to work in smaller packs or on their own, and they find it hard to trust in others, particularly those of other races.

While the Vaulters’ origins remain a mystery, it is impossible to ignore their clear shared lineage with the Mezari. Despite the two civilizations never having contact before the Vaulters exodus, the two races find that they not only look extremely similar, but share the same language, fashions, and cultural markings.

Despite numorous inqueries from scholarly groups from all over Auriga, the Mezari refuse to acknowledge their similarities to the Vaulters and ignore the topic completely. It is clear that the Mezari know more of the Vaulters, yet they refuse to release that information. Their reasons for doing so remain their own.

For centuries, Vaulters have only ever elected female leaders, and that tradition continues today.


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