Tales of Auriga

03. The Journey North

Into Yonkathu Peaks...

In the morning, Rell Kettar sets off for Caradoc with Darion Gendry. The rest of the group continues north towards Yonkathu Peaks.

As they come to a crossroads, Imara Valanti senses the presence of powerful magic to the east. They choose to travel toward the source, and find Emberwatch, an Ardent Mage Academy.

In Emberwatch, they meet with Oskar Al’Thor, the leader of the Academy. Thinking they are simply a band of adventurers, he asks them to assist him in removing the Orc settlement in Yonkathu so that he may gain access to their Manastone, a rare resource that will give Emberwatch great power.

Agreeing to Oksar’s request, they set off for the Orc settlement.

At the Orc settlement, they meet Leading Akrah, who informs them that they are a peaceful settlement and that the Emberwatch Magi are killing her people and pillaging the Manastone. In exchange for Akrah’s promise to support Caradoc, the group sets off to return to Emberwatch to negotiate a peace.

On the way, Lorwyn Feldorne realizes the group is being followed. He calls out to the hidden bandits, telling them to show themselves. A Broken Lord called Geralt reveals himself, and informs Lorwyn that he has been hired by Lorwyn’s father to capture or kill the Guardians.

Geralt is happy to turncloak on Lord Kelador’s bandit group, and helps the group defeat them. They send a lone survivor back to Nyrinis with a message to Kelador.



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