“I am a King!” Brand shouted from his gilded throne, “You cannot pass judgement on me, Drakken!”. Rh’zhon simply sighed, deliberately approaching the throne. “There are no Kings of Drakken on Auriga, human. You have been sentenced to die, and I will see it through.”

Few in number but exceedingly powerful, they do not seek war but rather relationships, information, and knowledge. Faction histories, artifacts, and ruins are highly prized by the Drakken while wealth, military power, and advanced technology are viewed as insignificant.

The gradual onset of longer winters has not escaped the notice of this race who are more attuned to Aurgia’s rhythms than all the rest.

Already they have struck out across the vast planet forging ties with all who share Auriga’s lands. They understand well that even if the cataclysm comes again, their first duty is to preserve what the Endless left behind, so that one day, maybe in a hundred years, maybe in a hundred thousand, their great teachers’ creations will still endure.

The Drakken claim to have been charge with the protection of Auriga by the Endless, a mysterious, long-dead race who the Drakken claim are responsible for restoring balance to Auriga after a great cataclysm long ago.

While no other race has any knowledge of the Endless, the Drakken ferverently believe in this ancient responsibility, and will do whatever it takes to protect Auriga. This will often lead to conflict, particularly with the Mezari, as the Drakken frown upon the use of technology that may harm Auriga’s natural state.

However, most see the presence of the Drakken as a blessing. Drakken will often find free board at Inn’s, or even invitations to stay at manors or palaces in larger cities. The patronage of a Drakken is highly coveted by all the old races of Auriga.

Drakken reproduction can only take place near the end of their lifespans, which is problematic for a race living well over 500 years. Because of this, the number of Drakken present on Auriga has dwindled considerably.

The Drakken have no active military, and most choose to stay within the few massive cities built across Auriga.

Younger Drakken, or Drakkenling, are often small in stature and strength. However, as a Drakken grows it’s form can drastically change.

Between 150 and 200 years, Drakken develop exceptional strength and power, and the genetic memory that Drakken share begins to manifest.

At around 300 years, Drakken begin to develop large dorsal wings. However, and it is quite rare even for Drakken of 500 years to be able to fly, as these wings rarely develop to the point of allowing flight.

Drakken Names
Drakken use prefixes to determine status and rank. ‘Aj’ denotes a male, ‘Yj’ denotes a female. These prefixes are not pronounced when speaking verbally, but are declared during introduction, much like a salutation.

Their cities follow similar practices: ‘Kj’ for a city, and ‘Ko’ for a keep or outpost.


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