Dust is the enigmatic resource used by the Endless to power their vast and incredible technologies, and is the very reason the Endless came to Auriga in the first place.

According to Drakken historians, the Endless detected that something in the planet’s unique makeup made it a prime location to manufacture the substance, and descended on the planet to harvest and utilize the resource.

Today, Dust is used simply as the currency on Auriga, it’s value inherent in it’s ability to activate Endless artifacts.

Properties of Dust

Dust is a fine, metallic golden substance that is ubiquitous to all areas of Auriga, although it is mostly discovered amongst areas rich with wildlife.

Many of the plants on Auriga will produce the Dust as a part of their natural osmosis, however the largest, most reliable source of Dust are large rifts in the land that are relics of the Cataclysm.

The Roving Clans are the biggest extractors of the Dust, and they sell the raw material to the other civilizations, who then compress the material into coins. Most civilizations have their own coins, but keep to a uniform size so that the value does not change.

Once compressed, Dust coins are durable, however they can easily be returned to their original particulate material by heating the coin.

Dust is also a conductive material, and can be used to make an electric circuit, or absorb small amounts of electric charge.

Racial Relevance

The Vaulters and Mezari want Dust to power their technologies. Although their knowledge of these Endless relics is limited, experimentation never ceases.

Dust is often used when performing The Sharing, a mysterious ritual performed by Wild Walkers. All their magics depend on Dust, and they seek it for this reason.

For a Broken Lord, their very life depends on a regular mystical consumption of Dust that keeps them alive. While they are able to absorb the life force of other creatures rather than Dust, most Broken Lords will find this reprehensible.

Ardent Mages amplify their magic with Dust, however do not rely on it for most of their basic spells and cantrips. Most Magi will carry small amounts with them at all times, however.

The Roving Clans and Drakken’s attachment to Dust is simply as a currency, as is most of the minor races. The only exception are Haunts, who use it to power their mechanical bodies.


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