House Feldorne


History of House Feldorne
House Feldorne is one of the lesser noble houses of the Broken Lords.

Before the Cataclysm, House Feldorne was known for it’s mining and manufacturing of Gold, which at the time was a highly valuable currency.

Now, however, Gold has been superceded by Dust currency, and Feldorne has fallen somewhat into disarray.

The house has become reclusive, even among Broken Lord society, and dark rumors surround it’s few remaining holdings.

The Broken Lord Lorwyn Feldorne is a member of this house, though he seems reluctant to consider himself so.

The House Feldorne Ceremonial Crest

House Feldorne’s crest features a stalwart shield, crossed by two long bardiches – the ceremonial weapons of the Broken Lords’ elite. At the top of this shield is the helm of the Marquis – a renegade faction of Broken Lord society that has gained significant support for it’s zealously patriotic attitude. Below the helm is the universal symbol for dust, which separates two halves of a Broken Crown – the traditional Broken Lords’ crest.

House Feldorne

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