Wild Walkers


“I would not have believed it, had I not seen it myself. Great cities built – no, grown – from wood and stone. The people wearing crowns of oak and cloaks of shimmering leaves. It was a tribute to Auriga. They are not simply worshiping Auriga’s nature – they have become it.”

The Wild Walkers were simple elves living as hunter-gathers in the forests. Their gift was to shape rocks and trees into great buildings; cities rose as green towers in the deep woods. This act, called The Sharing, let an elf experience the wild, untamed energy of their totem animal.

Elves who Shared often, however risked having the spirit of the beast burst out like a violent flame and take control during moments of stress. In spite of that, some sought increasingly savage beasts in order to experience Sharings of greater intensity.

With individuals embracing the savagery of the animals and vanishing forever into the woods, the nation had to choose between the wild spirits of nature and the civilization of their towers. Troubled but determined, they forswore the Sharing, renamed themselves the Wild Walkers, and set out to build their towers away from their dark past.

Only time will tell if the Sharing still has its hold on their souls.

The breaking of their once-great civilization has led to complete turmoil amongst the Wild Walkers. Few of them remain in their cities, instead most opting to live nomadically amonst the larger forests of Auriga.

Because of this, there is no central power for the Wild Walkers, no capital city. Their communities are self contained, and often attempting diplomacy can prove unpredictable and dangerous.

As much as the Wild Walkers worship Auriga’s natural flora and fauna, their reverence is nothing compared to the outright devotion given to them by the beasts of the wild.

It is rare to see companies of Wild Walkers without a smattering of beasts and creatures as escorts, companions, and servants.

This makes Wild Walker hit-and-run tactics extremely hard to counter – once they have escaped into the forest, Wild Walkers are impossible to hunt, and their animal companions make quick work of any foolish enough to pursue.

Even amongst the Mezari, it is considered extremely foolish to chase Wild Walkers into forests or jungles.

While it was the Sharing that broke them, many Wild Walkers still hold on to the ancient tradition in order to construct their dwellings or to give boons in combat.

The sharing comes at great cost to some, driving Wild Walkers mad with bloodlust or simple insane. While most Wild Walker camps condemn the Sharing, their are those who treat it as an ancient right, to be honored and exploited.

Wild Walkers

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